Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Defeating My Purpose

I started my decluttering. I had a brown paper bag full to take to one of the thrift shops I go to. I came out of the thrift shop with two bags. Made myself stay home today. I was going to a thrift shop in another town today, talked myself out of it. Worked on the wool mittens, wool sweaters are getting harder to find. I do have plenty to work with.

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  1. Hi Candy, I see your new to blogging, I am as well, though I think you may have a few more followers then me. But, Welcome, I so enjoy reading blogs and see what other folks are up to. Your post about making mittens out of wool sweaters caught my eye. How do you do this? I have a few sweaters that no longer fit (what does after the holidays)that I would love to try your mittens out on. If you are so inclined to post the instructions that would be great. Have a Great day!!